When asked about why they make their craft beer; many brewers will give the same answer: it tastes better.But the truth is there are several benefits of drinking craft beer, of which flavor is just one, although one of the most important.

Drinking craft beer

Gives the sense of community

Then, there’s the sense of community. You will rarely be alone in craft beeryour home brewing hobby. Home brewers are social creatures and love to get together and share experiences, recipes, techniques or simply stories.

There’s no sense of competition at all, even among commercial microbreweries. And they also love to help beginners. You can always count on a fellow brewer to guide you through the ropes and tricks when you are starting.

Saves money

Another benefit of craft beer is simply saving money. Of course, there’s the initial investment in home brewing supplies, but once you’re setup, making your beer sometimes means saving quite a bit of money, especially if you like expensive craft beers like the Belgian Trappists.

If you are more of a commercial lager type, then you won’t save as much by home brewing, and it may even end up costing you since those beers are always on the cheap side. But once you discover a whole new universe of flavors that your creations can deliver, you will see it more in the lights of a rewarding hobby than as an expense.

Excellent taste

Of course, we cannot forget the taste. The commercial beer simply can’t compete with craft or home brews when it comes to flavor. Not only they add lots of adjuncts to reduce cost – thus weakening the flavor of pure malt – but they also follow rigid recipes and don’t care to offer variety.

By home brewing, you dictate what goes in your beer, and you are free to choose whatever ingredients and spices will be used. Do you like berries? Add them and create fruity ales. Love coffee or chocolate? Why not? The possibilities are endless.

Gives you a sensbeer e of accomplishment in itself

Finally, craft beer gives you a sense of accomplishment in itself. From struggling with your first batches to perfecting your craft and to finally knowing that the great beer you tasted yesterday was your creation can be quite rewarding.

And sharing this passion with family and friends can be fun too. Once you become the expert — or at least more experienced — it may be your turn to bring more people to this exciting hobby.

Whatever your reason – or most likely, reasons – may be, you can rest assured that drinking craft beer is lots of fun and is highly recommended.…