Wine plays an important part in making ceremonies colorful. This has been the case for thousands of years. Wine is prepared from the fermentation of unmodified grapes from the best vineyards. Right from the vineyard, grapes or grape juice does not need any additions for it to ferment. This makes wines one of the most natural drinks. There are many types of wines today. It depends on the type of grapes used and the presence or absence of grape skin during fermentation.

Main types of wines

Red wineglasses of Wine

This wine is made from red or black grapes. However, this is not what makes them red. The red color in this wine comes from a process known as maceration. There is a huge variety of grapes. As such, the type of grape used during the fermentation process determines the taste of the wine.

White wine

White wines are yellowish gold in color. They are made from grape juice and grape skins of lightly colored grapes. However, this wine can also be made from red grapes only that one does not use the dark skin. White wines have a light and acidic taste, which makes them pair with most foods. It is good for poultry, seafood, and cheese.

Rose Wine

Ideally, rose wines have many similar characteristics with red wines. However, you can identify them by their pink color. The shade or intensity of the pink color varies depending on the type of grape used. Moreover, the color can also be a reflection of the process used.

Sparkling wines

Sparkling wines are wines with some carbon dioxide in them. As such, the carbon dioxide makes them fizzy and refreshing. This gas is introduced either during fermentation or after the fermentation process is complete. Champagne is an excellent example of sparkling wines.

Fortified winesFortified wines

These wines are a combination of wine with some brandy. The addition of brandy gives this wine a distinct flavor. The addition of brandy increases the alcohol content and stops the fermentation process.

Besides the wines mentioned here, one can also have dessert wines or cooking ones. Wines come with some elegance and sophistication you do not find in any other drink. Therefore, if you are yet to enjoy this fantastic drink, Woodlands Wines are enjoy the taste that originates from one of Australia best vineyards. A wine tour can also offer an unforgettable experience.…