Thanks to advancements in Information and communications technology (ICT) the e-commerce market has grown enormously over the decades. It is noted that developing countries now boast a decent number of businesses that have incorporated the Internet into their operations of activities. This is due to various invaluable opportunities availed by e-commerce. Companies are now able to engage customers around the world effectively regardless of time and distance.

The tremendous growth of e-commerce has led businesspeople to discover that the internonline marketinget space has the potential to enhance profits and increase the opportunities for growth. They have found that not only can customers shop online they can also purchase products online with so much ease. Also, businesses can use the online platform to advertise themselves around the world hence enhanced opportunities. Therefore, it has become imperative that you start your ecommerce site so as to tap the benefits that accrue. There are basic elements that are essential to any website and your web designer should adhere to them.

Search engine optimization

Search engine optimization is a marketing tactic or technique that is premised on the attracting and increasing the number of individuals that view your website. This is done by gaining a higher rank in the search engine than other competing websites. Therefore search engine optimization is vital because the higher your site ranks, the more traffic it is likely to attract. A website, no matter the quality of design, is useless without visitors. In this regard, it would be practical to say that e-commerce is immensely dependant on the power of the search engine optimization. Choosing a platform that is search engine optimized is vital in setting up a prosperous website.

Customer care

Your wseoeb designer must be able to understand the importance of customer care and proper service delivery. Your website should be designed to ensure your prompt responses to customer queries or inquiries. Feedback is an important aspect of customer care. Consumers should be able to post their comments and queries, and you should be in handy to respond. It is also important to anticipate some questions and post clarification well beforehand.

Content and theme

Content it the most important aspect of a website. The layout is inconsequential if the content is unclear and incoherent. The content should be simple and clear enough for the customer to understand. Different sections should be well organized so that the client can pin point his product of interest without difficulty. The theme should also be attractive enough to engage the customer positively. The theme should be subtle yet eye-catching rather than complicated and repulsive.