When you have a coffee packaging industry, you need to use the best coffee packaging bags that will impress the customers. The labels, material, and usability of the bags matter a lot when you sell the coffee. Besides impressing the customers, the coffee in the bags will maintain its quality and taste. Therefore, you need to have a clue on the different categories of coffee bags we have in the market. The bags have a different range of keeping the coffee moisture, vapor, odor and other elements in the right desire. You need to use the best coffee bag style that will make your coffee sales take over the industry. For more information about coffee packaging, The following are the common types of coffee bags.

Gusseted bag

Gusseted bagsThis is a popular coffee packaging style that comes in a variety of shapes, material, style, and color. The bags are made up of different laminates, which include PET/LLDPE or the Kraft/AL/LLDPE. This bag can stand on its own because of the gussets at the sides of the bag when the coffee is filled. The gusseted bags are available in different variants. They include the side seal gusseted coffee bugs, center seal bags, and the quad seal bags. There are also those bags that are printed and non-printed gusseted bag.

Standing gusseted coffee bags.

They are also called the standup coffee bags. These types are capable of standing steadily by itself because it has a bottom gusset structure. There are also many variants that are made up of different laminates. The conventional laminates in this category include Alu Foil, All-Clear bag and the Standing bag with a clear window. The clear coffee bags are made of the PET/LE laminate that allows the content in the bag to be exposed; you can quickly preview the type of coffee in the bag. The standup poaches can also be metalized to offer a lightweight design.

Flat pouch

Flat pouchThis style of coffee packaging is usually used for promotional purposes or instant coffee packaging. The coffee bag is in a square flat, and it does not have gusseted sides. One of the sides of the flat pouch is left open to allow filling. This category of coffee bags is used for mass packaging since it is cost effective. Coffee is packed in large quantity on the automated packing lines. The flat pouches are available in different styles, gold, silver, and black.