If you want to start an eCommerce business probably with few items for sale, this article will be of great help. Imagine you only have 50 or 30 products and you are supposed to make millions from it. Read on to understand how to start your eCommerce business with ESA.

Passion products

eCommerceThere are so many products for sale online. But it does not mean that if you start selling all will go well. Passion will determine your sales. This three simple rules will help you find passion products.

  • Forget what people around you are saying
  • Do not force people to like what you like.
  • Your passion is not your profit.
  • Other peoples passion is equaled to your profit.

The main point is here is, you do not have to like the products you sell, the buyer’s matter. Always concentrate on what the buyer wants not what you want. Get that one product with a large customer base.

Learn to use the power of the word FREE

Good deals make customers go crazy. You will notice a lot of customers battling to save $10 on Black Friday. Attaching the word free on your product attracts millions of customers. People will buy more than they wanted to get a good deal. They will even share the news with their friends. The best form of advertisement is when people get your products viral. Customers are more likely to buy a product if their friend recommended it to them.
Another secret is doing free shipping. Customers tend to buy more from online sellers who offer free shipping. The trick is here should be that you include the shipping cost in the buying price of the product. Of course, the customer should not realize it. This way, you will get high volumes of repeat buyers.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads will get buyers for you. Facebook will target your products and show them to people who are interested in buying them. You know our main aim is to get customers know about our products. You need a large audience of buyers behind you to make profits. Facebook optimizes your products and finds the right buyers for you.

Email marketing

eCommerceShopify collects the emails of your customers. This is important for long-term business success.
If you want to learn more about how to accomplish the above strategies, you need to get the Adrian’s Morrison’s book. Everything will be broken down for you in simple steps for each niche. Make sure to duplicate all that is in the book to yourself and for your eCommerce business.