If you have a website or online store, then you will agree with me that at times the customers can be skittish. There are those who will visit your online store, add the items to the cart and merely leave without checking out or completing the payment. The Adrian Morrison’s eCommerce course exposed will help you to understand some of the strategies in detail.

It has been established that by engaging the customers whenever they visit your online store, will help you make more sales. Let us look at some of these strategies that could help you to optimize your sales.

Free shipping

free shipping One of the reasons why many customers fail to complete the transaction is because of the shipping costs. The shipping costs are typically never high, especially for lighter items. You could decide to offer free shipping and factor the value that you would have incurred on the price of the item.

State on the website that you provide free shipping cause this might just be what a customer is looking for. You will definitely, increase your conversions and number of orders places as a result of free shipping.

Discounts and specials

Secondly, if you have discounts and specials, always ensure that you show them clearly on your website. According to various marketing research, coupons and discounts are excellent marketing tools that you could ever use. When giving your clients discounts and specials, you may decide to

  • Give exclusive offers on categories or products
  • Give the wholesalers special rates
  • Provide incentives
  • Clear the problematic stocks by giving discounts.

Referral discounts

Make use of the existing clients to reach out the prospective clients. To achieve this, you may need to offer them with the referral discount. Reward your customers with a referral discount for every successful referral that they bring to the company.

The referral should be two-way, that is to the new customer and the customer who referred them. This will motivate them to get out of their ways and look for clients who are most likely to purchase the products or services that you are selling.

Reviews and ratings

reviews The product reviews and ratings determine whether customers will buy a specific product or not. Nobody loves to be used as a guinea pig, that is why you have to be deliberate about this.

Make sure that all the goods that you are selling have been reviewed. You can reach out to your clients and ask them to rate the different products. By doing this, you will positively influence the conversion rate. The video below contains killers tips for e-commerce marketing.